About Techne

Techne ApS has been founded in the year 2014 by Domenico La Tosain, an independent web design & web marketing analyst.

He is Italian and lives in Søborg, near Copenhagen. Domenico is a curious guy with many interests: physics, chemistry, public economy, sociology, politics and – obviously – technology.

According to the Oxford University dictionary, “Technology (from Greek τέχνη, techne, “art, skill”; and -λογία, -logia) is the collection of tools, including machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures used by humans […] to control and adapt to their natural environments”. At Techne, technology is a passion and a need: the world is growing in complexity and speed, and computers, tablets and smartphones should be considered, as Steve Jobs used to say, as bicycle for the minds. Technology is usability: IT players have no more excuses. It is a priority for us to find solutions to simplify our customers’ work.

Domenico have worked with brands such Intel and ASUS and for several big chains in the general retail industry. He decided to embark on a new adventure, so he moved to Denmark in January 2014 to begin his new pesonal and professional challenge. Here you can find some pictures of the Techne staff.

Overall Skills and Feedbacks

Web Design
Complying Google standards / Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design

At Techne ApS we are experienced in managing and working to projects of any size and kind: from start-ups’ landing pages to the whole corporate identity of an multinational Company. When it comes to big projects, we involve our trusted network of professionals: programmers, photographers, art directors…

Beside that, Domenico personally works as web designer, web marketing analyst and SEO for several companies. He always provide top-notch high-quality services and he prides himself with going the extra mile. You can read some of his clients’ feedback on his LinkedIn page.