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by Domenico La Tosa

I could have named this post: “There is Always a Possible Quality Content”.

Have you seen Matt Damon’s “The Martian”? It’s the story of a botanist who is stuck alone on Mars, due to a terrible dust storm. At a certain point, he finds some potatoes in the crew’s operative base and, using some homemade fertilizers, he begins cultivating potatoes. The film had a huge success and became soon Ridley Scott’s biggest success in terms of profits.

Potatoes are a cheap commodity. Could you really take a benefit out a marketing campaign concerning potatoes? Is it really possible to write unique contents about the topic?

Our friends at Bored Panda showed us a few days ago how bright a marketing content can be. The picture below is a demonstration of Albert Bartlett’s – a British potatoes producer – marketers stroke of  genius.

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For those who know the film, this picture describes itself. Bartlett’s brand gained instantaneously a priceless value.

Even those – few – who have never seen the movie and so can’t make the connection potatoes -> The Martian, even these people are still a plus for Bartlett. With a such outstanding juxtaposition, many people even within this segment stopped by to have a deeper look or, at least, think “What is going on here?”.

If it is possible to find a so bright and catchy content for a bunch of potatoes, how many possibilities can be found for all the other products we should advertise one day?

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