You paid for a website because you have something to communicate or sell. What you don’t know is that, most of the times, most pure web designers does not comply at all with the Googles specific requirements.
Google, basically, is what makes your website succeed or fail, so it is crucial to follow its rules. I can fix this (very common) major issue and improve your ranking.


Find the most common mistakes about SEO


There is not a single solution to your website ranking issues: every Search Engine Optimization campaign is unique. The algorithms that estimate the relevancy of your website with a certain search keyword values about 200 features of your pages. These features involves quantitative and qualitative aspects of your website: how long the users stays on your website, how many pages they visits…


Read here the main features of a professional SEO

SEO 101 - What nobody can do with a Search Engine Optimization campaign

Can we reach the 1st RESULT page in a week?

NO. Search Engine Optimization is a complex mix of strategies and several competences. These campaigns can last up to 6 months – gaining a “search engine reputation” is a process, not a single step. Furthermore, Google does not update the search results pages in real time.

The Massive Repetition of ``Keywords`` does the job?

NO. First, Google uses several algorithms to determine your website reliability: one of these is being able to separate quality contents from pages that are simply full of “keywords”. Secondly, how can you really know if your supposed “keywords” are popular or not?

I use the ``yoast SEO`` plugin. Am I done?

NO. The SEO plugin released by Yoast is very popular and it does indeed help, but only if your website already complies with Google’s guidelines. If it does not, then the plugin is simply irrelevant.

Isn't it EASIER if we buy Google?

Well, if we ask for a discount…

SEO 102 - What I can do withIN a Search Engine Optimization campaign

increase the amount of (quality) visits

According to the project budget, we can increase the amount of users visiting your web page, and we can improve the quality of the visits as well. With the increase in number and quality of daily accesses, the return generated by your website increases as well.

use of targeted keyword(s) / Quality contents

Your content probably needs be rewritten to catch the search queries trends. Search engines work mainly as a demand-supply model, so you need to know the demand (e.g. the most popular keywords used in queries regarding “dog food”) to offer the right “supply” of contents / products.

Improve the page technical performances

There are dozens of technical factors that can influence your ranking: hosting quality, code quality, proper use of all the tags, use of a CDN, compressions and much more. The correct implementation of all these techniques is the best, although basic, long-term investment for your ranking.

User Experience Study / Quality layouts

Websites are often aesthetically nice, but almost useless in terms of usability. Overcrowded menu bars, pages organized with no logic or following too much logic, lack of storytelling. A layout that reflects your customer psychology can go a long way to enhance the use of your website – and increase the returns.

The steps of a Search Engine Optimization campaign: Process Workflow

Espresso meeting

First of all, we meet for a coffee and have a talk about your business model, targets and needs. Understanding who you are will help us design the perfect solution for you, much better than any memorandum or written description would.


We take some time to decide if we feel we can add value to your business. We then build a tailored strategy, and eventually to draw up a draft of our ideas of what you need.


Our presentations are basically tailored, brief lessons on graphics, web design and marketing psychology. No matter your background, we ensure that you fully understand the reasons that led us to suggest a certain product/strategy/palette of colors/platform.

WE start the job, READY TO ROCK!

99,9% of our potential customers accept the full package we have structured for them. We are confident you will as well.