How do we do web design and why choose Techne

At Techne we provide a unique mix of service-oriented approach and empathy

We meet the client for an espresso

First of all, we meet the client for a coffee and have a talk about your business model, your targets and needs. Understanding all the details of who you are and what you do will help us to design the perfect web solution for you, much better than any memorandum or written description would.

We study your case

We take some time to decide if we feel we can add value to your business through our web design / web developing services. Then, we build a tailored strategy, and eventually we draw up a preliminary draft of our ideas of what you need.

We introduce and explain our proposal

Our presentations are basically tailored, brief lessons on graphics, web design and marketing psychology. No matter your background, we ensure that you will fully understand the reasons that led us to suggest a certain product/strategy/palette of colors/platform.

We go online, ready to rock!

99,9% of our potential customers accept the full package we have structured for them. We are confident you will as well.

Need a fresh, quality, new web design or a website?

most popular features

These are the most popular features and technological standards we implement in our products/web platforms/web design projects. According with the project budget, we can implement one or more of the following peculiarities.


If your Company works in fields such as tourism, import/export of goods and international services, you definitely need a product that supports more than one language. Your website will show a different language according with the user’s operating system browser. This will make his navigation experience more enjoyable and will help to turn a simple user into a customer.

NEW - Website Speed Package

A key factor of a good navigation experience is the website speed: users tend to leave websites that are slow, or not fluid, or that take a lifetime to open on your browser. Most of the websites are very weak from this point of view: you can test your own here for free. This may depend on poor quality coding, incorrect use of pictures, and other technical reasons. The Speed Package, where applicable, ensures that your website is fast and enjoyable!

UX study - Quality Layouts

A website is not simply an aesthetic matter, it must have a purpose: increasing sales, building an audience, reaching a broader audience. My pages are structured considering the graphics together with the customer’s main target. The goal can be achieved faster designing a layout that brings the users exactly where you want them to be: in front of a subscription form, closer to the “Checkout” button of your e-commerce, or sharing your content on Facebook.

NEW - Website Security Package

According with Forbes link, 30,000 websites are hacked every day. The popularity of CMS’s (WordPress, Opencart and Magento) lowered development costs but, at the same time, made the websites vulnerable. The Website Security Package is a subscription that, securing your website, avoids risking customer loyalty, a loss of credibility and the loss of intellectual property.


Our products implement the most recent and stable technologies to make your website perform to the best of its potential and last in the mid-long term. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 languages, for instance, ensures your website is correctly indexed by Google, which increases the likelihood of having a larger number of visits and it makes you more visible. Merely by using the right web designer.

Cross-tested platform

There are many different combinations of browsers and devices that are likely to visit your website: our websites can be tested to be 100% cross-platforms compatible. No matter the device (iPhone, iPad, generic tablet), the operating system (Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows) or the browser used (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer): your users will always experience the best website ever!