by Domenico La Tosa

Catering Deals is a deal platform related with the catering industry.

Catering Deals is a very powerful but flexible platform built in OpenCart. The advertisers can open an account and publish their catering offers/deals. They can also check their stats from a personal control panel. All the sales are collected in the platform’s owner PayPal account and periodically payed to the advertisers, deducting a share that goes to the owner.

Catering Deals is structured in a way that satisfy all the most recent Google developers requirements: css, java and html have been:

  • compressed, to save bandwidth and improve the website speed;
  • combined together, to reduce the “negotiation” time of every .js and .css file;
  • desynchronized, in order not to flow the website host of requests that it could not satisfy all in the same moment.

A lossless compression of the images has been applied as well, in order to save every single kilobyte and have the best performance possible.

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