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by Domenico La Tosa

Dansk.Deals is one of the web marketing & web design projects we create and manage.

What is “Dansk.Deals”?

Dansk.Deals is a low cost marketplace for small Danish companies and it’s the result of years and years of experience. Small companies have all the same issues: small budgets, not enough employees to take care of marketing and sales online on continuous basis and, of course, they does not have the right competences in-house. So, together with my professional graphic designer we have created a common platform to flatten all the typical fixed costs of a web marketing and web sales campaign.

Just another hard discount/coupons/deals platform?

Not at all. Coupons platforms are ruining companies’ economy, making their services and products a commodity: always available, cheap and low-perceived value. The only companies that can benefit the classic deals platform are those who trades low-quality Chinese staff or low-quality services – the kind of coupon you buy once, just to try, and then you don’t even want to hear again about it. Dansk.Deals does not ask our partners – the companies who provide the products and services available on the websitea discount over 5%.

Why the 5% limit? Because we know well the costs of managing a company, specially the fixed costs. Plus, the partners involved in this project they all provide products and services with a kind of “artisan” quality. This common feature, by the fixed costs point of view, is something that you cannot lower with the quantity you sell.

Dansk.Deals is a form of “social deals” platform.

Online Managed Service

Outsourcing the maintenance and the data entry operations of a complex website can be quite a huge expense for an enkeltmandsvirksomhed in the startup phase – and most of the times, it is the source of malfunctions and technical issues. So we always include the data entry in the subscription. In a nutshell, it means that if you are a partner and want to publish a new product, just send us an email with your product description, the pictures, the price and that’s it. The product will be online soon.

Basic Marketing Support

We don’t expect you to have the skills necessary to write the perfect product/service description for your online sales. Most of our partners does not even know what to put online because it’s a completely new dimension of their jobs. That’s why we always include a basic marketing support in the subscription: it means that we meet with you, learn what you do and how you do. Then, we help you to create the products for the ecommerce and their description, designed in order to catch the latent demand that you are not exploiting yet. We help you to explicit all the precious details of your deals. That helps people to understand the quality of your work and help you to sell.

The Blog

A common marketing issue of small companies is that they can’t communicate properly their value to a broader public. Many new companies treats products and services so innovative and unknown by the public: that’s why nobody knows about them and they don’t have large returns.

That’s why the website includes a Blog Section where all the partners can publish all their contents (pictures, videos, articles) to explain what they do, what is their competitive value and why clients should “test” them at least once. The blog posts are pushed on social media just like all the other products.

How is it built?

Dansk.Deals is mainly based on the latest WordPress and Woocommerce. Many knows WordPress for being a kind of kids’ play but really it’s not.

WordPress is flexible and scalable enough to face comfortably all your challenges on the web – of course, you need years of experience and a deep knowledge of the platform and the best practices about programming and designing and of hosting hardware as well to squeeze the best out of it. If you’re an amateur, you’ll have nothing but an amateurish result.

Is it secure? What about my payments?

The WordPress we use is heavily customized by the security and performances point of view, which means our little Fort Knox is safe more than enough for the traffic and the uses we expect. Among the many security features we follow in our own protocol, we encounter the most visible one: a security certificate that encrypts all the informations passing through our server – you can recognize it by the lock you see in the address bar when you visit the website, like in the following picture.


About the payment method, it is based 100% on PayPal, which implements the state-of-the-art of web security.

What else?

That depends on you! Dansk.Deals is a starting point.

According with your budget, you can buy many optional functionalities to improve your web reputation, increase sales and reach a broader audience.

Whatever you want to do, we can!

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