by Domenico La Tosa

Marlon Buriti is an osteopath working in Denmark and Switzerland.

Marlon’s website is the example of how every professional can ensure a nice presence in the internet with a moderate budget. Marlon’s website is very immediate, easy to use and let the user know the professional’s skills and experience in the time of a couple clicks.

Although elegant and stylish, this website reflects a functional need more than the aesthetic one: telling a story. This story starts, scrolling the page, with his name, than saying something more about his personal history and then exploring his techniques, patients and approaches. The natural conclusion of this “guided tour” is the contact section, that let the customer know how to reach their osteopath.

The website is featuring soon a section with some video feedbacks of his customers: a series of testimonials about the professional’s skills, how he helped them with their physical issues and healing their pains.

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