by Domenico La Tosa

Monsenso is a start-up company working in the mental health industry.

Monsenso is a start-up born within the IT University of Copenhagen. They have built an app that assesses the status of patients affected by mental illnesses. A bright project, capable of creating value and that will soon have success all over the world.

I have worked on their website for almost 6 months, applying improvements, fixing bugs and cooperating with the marketing department. I worked on the code quality, “cleaning” the original code and making it comply the latest standards (mainly html5 and css3). Then, I reduced by 60% the page loading time, mainly achieved through a very detailed study of a lossless compression system for all the images and setting up several server-side compression protocols. I improved the website maintenance process as well installing a backup system that periodically saves a safe copy of the website, I structured and created the corporate blog and much more.

Domenico La Tosa
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