by Domenico La Tosa

STUDIA.DK is an Italian language school thought exclusively for Danes. The project wants to promote the widespread of the Italian language and culture in Denmark.

In cooperation with the designer K_open_Design, we have re-designed the whole project. We replaced the old logo, which used to look very old-style and not related with the company’s core business, with a new and more coherent flat one. The whole website has been redesigned according with the same concept and has been enriched with an ecommerce and a section where the subscribers of the online class can upload their homeworks.

Since the year 2005’s teachers have been specializing in teaching Italian to the Scandinavians. The project has been started initially by Luca Serra Usai who with his passion, hard work and enthusiasm has developed the very detailed and user-friendly educational materials.

Their teachers are all native Italian mother tongue and they all master teaching skills. They will guide you with great enthusiasm to discover Italy and the Italian language through language classes, culinary events and study tours.

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